What is blepharoplasty & brow lift and who is a suitable candidate for the surgery?

Eyelid aesthetics or blepharoplasty, one of the most popular aesthetic operations today, is a surgical procedure performed on the eyelid and its surroundings, which is a part of our face and has the thinnest skin area in our body.

The main problems that appear in and around the eyelid are:

  • Distortion of the natural shape of the eyelid caused by the loosening and sagging of the skin of the upper eyelid resulting in vision difficulties
  • Fat deposits that look like swelling on the eyelids
  • Bags under the lower eyelid
  • The lower eyelid sagging, showing the whites of the eye under the iris.
  • Excessive wrinkles under the lower eyelid

Depending on the general condition of your face and the problem in the eyelids, excess fat, muscle, and skin tissue are removed from the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both eyelids.

Eyelid sagging due to age creates a tired, sleepy facial expression. Thanks to this operation, the eye area and looks are rejuvenated.

Under-eye bags are hereditary. The fat tissue is located under the eye and forms glands here. Surgery is performed by completely removing the fat tissue in this area or changing its location. This procedure can also be done under local anesthesia. Thanks to the procedure performed through the eyelid, there is no incision on the skin.

Dropping eyelid, called eyelid ptosis, due to the elongation of the eyelid muscle that is congenital or due to age, requires a different surgical method.

What are the eye aesthetic surgery techniques?

- Upper Eyelid Operation

This operation usually aims to treat the sagging of the upper eyelid due to aging or genetic factors. In case of excessive sagging of the upper eyelid, this operation is performed not only for aesthetic purposes but to make the eyelid function properly.

- Lower Eyelid Operation

This operation aims to treat the sagging of the lower eyelid, the under-eye swelling, and improve the appearance of the under-eye area.

- Eyebrow Lift Operation

Eyelid saggings can also develop due to dropped forehead or eyebrow. Loose skin caused by the drop of the eyebrow causes the eye to close. Surgery is performed in two ways.

The first method is to make an incision parallel to the hairs from the upper line of the eyebrow and raise the eyebrow.

The second method is successfully applied in droppings on the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows. The eyebrows are raised by entering through the eyelid.

What should be considered before the eyelid aesthetic surgery?

  • It should be ensured that the plastic surgeon is experienced and the results of his/her previous surgeries should be investigated.
  • You should be informed before the surgery by talking to the Plastic Surgeon about your expectations in terms of your health and aesthetics.
  • Regularly used medicines and your illnesses, if any, should be reported to your doctor.
  • If you smoke, you should quit smoking at least 1 month before until 1 month after the operation as it will affect the healing process.

What should be considered after eyelid aesthetic operation?

  • After the surgery, the eyelids and their surroundings become red and swollen. It is recommended to keep the head upright to reduce bruising and swelling,
  • Swelling can be prevented from increasing by applying ice on the first day.
  • Moisturizing creams are used to prevent the eyes from drying.
  • Antibiotic creams and anti-edema pain relievers are also used.
  • After discharge, the patient should rest and the eye should be protected from infections. It is recommended to stay away from activities that will dry the eyes, such as using computers, watching television, and reading books.
  • You can return to daily life within 10 days, but it is necessary to wait 3 weeks to participate in intense and heavy activities.
  • A control examination will be done after the surgery, as often as the doctor deems appropriate.

Eyelid Aesthetics at a Glance
Duration of Operation 1-3 hours
Returning to Work After 2 weeks
Hospitalization Discharge on the day of surgery
Taking Shower After 1 day
Mobility After 2 days rest
Activity in the Gym After 6 weeks
Sexual Activity At least 4 weeks
Sleeping Position 4 weeks on your back
Complete Recovery 6-8 weeks
Driving 2 weeks

Treatment and Planning

  • The first meeting to get information is with our health advisor. In this meeting, you can talk about your health problems and expectations.
  • You need to make an online appointment on our Appointment Form page to meet the health advisor.
  • Our health advisor may ask for some information to evaluate your suitability for the surgery you want, such as your age, weight, height, medications you regularly use, smoking, blood tests, X-Ray, photograph, your expectations from the surgery, and your medical history.
  • The health advisor gives you information about
  • Surgeon and Hospital information
  • Our previous experiences (Before & After)
  • The things to do before the surgery and information about the surgery and the post-surgical process
  • Video conferencing with your surgeon and receiving information if necessary
  • Surgery fee and what is included in the price (surgery, accommodation, airport pick-up, and transfers)
  • Planning dates about your travel (dates about the hospital, hotel, and full length of stay)
  • Answers to your questions about the surgery are sent to you


  • Airport pick-up and hotel transfer
  • Hotel Check-In: Our health advisor will welcome you and inform you about the process.
  • Meeting with the surgeon: Your surgeon plans your surgery and informs you about the plan. You are expected to discuss your expectations and answers to your questions about the surgery with your surgeon. Our health advisor will be with you during this process.
  • Tests: Evaluation tests such as blood tests required for the surgery, COVID 19 test, and X-Ray are performed. Our health advisor will be with you during this process.
  • Meeting with the anesthesiologist: Your medical history and your suitability for the surgery are evaluated. Our health advisor will be with you during this process.
  • Operation: The things to be done the previous day are forwarded to you in preparation for the operation. You will be informed about the solid and liquid feeding times, the medications you will use, if any, the time you will be in the hospital for the operation, etc.
  • You are transferred to the hospital.
  • Hospital Check-In is done.
  • You enter your room.
  • The nurse informs you and prepares you for the surgery.
  • An informative meeting is made with your surgeon again before the surgery.
  • You will be taken into surgery.
  • Our post-surgical health advisor comes to you to check the surgeon process and you.
  • Your surgeon will visit and inform you after the surgery.

Our health advisor will be with you during the entire process on the day of surgery.

  • The length of stay in the hospital may vary depending on the surgery to be performed. During this period, you will be visited by our health advisor every day you stay in the hospital.
  • After the surgery, you will be informed about the follow-up period, medications you will use by your surgeon’s decision, and the post-surgical process, and your hospital exit procedures will be carried out.
  • You will be transferred to the hotel.
  • You will be transferred for a control examination on the days determined by your surgeon.
  • During the hotel stay, you will be followed up by our health advisor regarding the surgery process.
  • Our health advisor will inform you about the restaurant, shopping, places to visit, and other needs during your hotel stay.
  • In the last control examination with the surgeon, you will be informed about what to do in the next period.
  • Hotel Check-Out and airport transfer


As Estebox Istanbul, we will stand by you, our valuable clients, with our experienced surgeons and healthcare professionals, ensure that the whole process is carried out reliably and that you return to your country healthily and happily so that your journey and operation go well.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is generally a painless operation. The pain easily controlled with a simple pain reliever or ointment recommended by your doctor.

The eyelid skin creates a suitable environment to cover the scars. Sutures of the upper eyelid surgery are hidden in the upper eyelid fold. The stitches of the lower eyelid surgery are hidden under the eyelashes.

The best treatment for eye bags is eyelid surgery. Eye bag removal surgery begins with a surgical incision under the eye. The fat deposits are then surgically removed and excess skin is cut out before the incision points are stitched back together. The scars are hidden in the folds of the eye.

Eye bag removal surgery lasts up to 45 minutes or 1 hour and is a highly effective rejuvenating surgical procedure. Eye bag removal surgery is suitable for both men and women.

There is no need to cover the eye after eyelid aesthetics. A strip-shaped tape is attached to the surgical suture and this tape is removed after 24 hours. The eye is not covered completely, and the patient continues his/her daily life.

Invasive eyebrow lift procedure is generally performed either by stretching or non-invasively by using a thread.

In the stretching method, we get good results in young and middle-aged people. In this method, the new position of the eyebrow is planned first and an incision is made on the upper part of the eyebrow. And the skin in the specified area is removed and combined with the skin above the eyebrow.

In eyebrow lift using a thread, the recovery process is provided as soon as possible. In this method, the dropped eyebrows are pulled upwards by entering through the hairline with microdevices.

Why Estebox Istanbul for Eyelid Aesthetics Surgery?

  • To provide a right and quality service to you as Estebox Istanbul, we work with doctors who have years of experience in their field, carried out successful operations with the title of Professor, Associate Professor, or Specialist, trained many new doctors as instructors, conducted national and international clinical studies, published scientific articles, and have a high degree of satisfaction in patient feedbacks.
  • There are many operations such as nasal aesthetics, breast aesthetics, abdominoplasty, liposuction, hair transplantation, and obesity surgery for your health and aesthetic needs. Although these operations seem similar to each other, each operation requires a separate experience and good planning. Estebox Istanbul offers the best solution to your aesthetic needs with experienced surgeons who will meet your expectations from eyelid aesthetics and eyebrow lift.
  • In addition to meeting your health and aesthetic needs, your safety is also important to us. That is why we prioritize the compliance of the hospital, technical equipment, and anesthesia team to international accreditations such as JCI.
  • We know that you may be worried about making a surgery decision in another country. As Estebox Istanbul, we will be at your side until you return to your country healthily and happily, offering you the best solutions from the first moment you contact us to make a surgery decision.
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